Ever wanted a Harley? Here’s your chance to make your dreams come true!

This Harley may not be a fancy motorcycle, but she is fast and will still impress your friends.


Harley is a 4-year-old Terrier mix (mixed with cuteness!) and will steal your heart with her big smile and polite manners. She even does this silly butt wag whenever she’s excited, which is always.

This girl walks great on a leash and is even house trained! She also knows tricks like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. She has the energy of a 4-year-old dog, but the playfulness of a puppy. What could be better?


During her stay here at HSNEGA, Harley has taught volunteers that she will do almost anything for a treat. She loves showing off and getting kisses from anyone willing to receive some in return.

Harley doesn’t require much in life, mostly just some companionship and quality time with someone who will love her just as much as she loves them.





Hi, I’m Tessa! I am a 2 (and a half) year old Retriever/Siberian Husky mix. I have some beautiful, piercing brown eyes that will stop you in your tracks as soon as you lock eyes with me. I also have the softest fur you’ll ever touch, and the warmest tongue to give you slobbery kisses with.

I really enjoy playing outside all day, I’ll run around a lot until I’m ready for a nap. Even then, I’ll still be up for cuddles and treats! I love rope toys and I’ll be sure to keep you entertained while I throw them up in the air and catch them (most of the time).


I’ve gotta be honest…I’m not the biggest fan of other animals. I’m definitely more of a people person! I like being the center of attention to humans (I’m a girl, that’s just how it goes). I choose my furry friends wisely. I’m sure with some extra patience, training and understanding, I can get better about making friends with others!

I’ve gotten to leave HSNEGA a few times with some new humans, but somehow I end up back in my same kennel. I liked getting a new room with new people, but I guess they didn’t like it as much. I’m not sure what I did, but I promise to try better next time. Will you give me a chance to show you how great I can be? It may take some time, but I do have a whole lifetime to work on it.


I may be picky with friendships and I may be a little sassy at times, but I’m loyal and I want to love someone who will love me back. I promise to be there when you’re feeling down and to always be the first to greet you with kisses when you get home. I’m a smart girl with lots of potential and I’m just looking for a family that will be as happy to have me in their lives as I am to have them in mine.




Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

AdoptaDogMonthFall in love with your forever friend during Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

Sadly, large dogs can sometimes be overlooked by potential families because of the misconception that big dogs require big homes. The truth is while these dogs have a huge amount of love to give no matter what the situation! To help shine a light on our loveable lugs, during the entire month of October, all dogs in our large dog adoption room will be 25% off*!!

Cooper is always ready for a Fall picnic!

Dogs like Cooper are patiently awaiting a new family to take them home. Who else to enjoy the cooler weather with? Get ready to snuggle up with a rescue and carve a pumpkin or two!

Sweet Harley will gladly grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and enjoy the shade with you!

Flannel & fall boots are great for the cool weather days, but a cute rescue dog is the perfect accessory always! Dress them up for Trick-or-Treating, take them to a corn maze, or just relax with a Halloween-themed movie with your new best friend.

Beau is a big guy just wanting some kisses!

HSNEGA has dogs (and cats!) of all shapes and sizes ready to meet you. There’s no better time to find your fur-ever friend and improve not only their life, but yours as well!

Can’t adopt but still want to help? Share HSNEGA’s social media posts (including this blog!) to spread the word and help rescues find their forever homes!!


Taco Tuesday Tabbies

Everyone knows what Tuesdays are for: tacos. And also adorable kittens.

Taco Tuesday Tabbies-2
Pueblos is a cuddly kitten who is timid at first, but will soon become your loyal companion! (On his time of course. Because cat).

These kittens are no ordinary kittens. They’ve been named after local Gainesville Mexican restaurants. Why, you ask? Well, these awesome felines have been sponsored by their respectable restaurants, because even they want HSNEGA animals to find homes.

Taco Tuesday Tabbies-3
El Maguey has this thing about head rubs. He LOVES them and will even stand up on two paws when you do it! 

When someone comes and meets one of these Tabbies and falls in love, not only do they get to go home with a kitten – they also get to go home with a gift card! Mexican food and cats: what could be better?

Taco Tuesday Tabbies-6
El Som is the lucky black cat you never know you needed!

These kittens are all playful, especially with each other. Most of them love to run around with cat toys, while others prefer to relax and just judge the others from afar.

Taco Tuesday Tabbies
Fajitas is fun and silly. She loves toys and loves playing (or harassing) other cats.

If you’re looking for a girly kitten, Fajitas and Pueblos are your girls! They love cuddles and picking on the boy cats. If tomboys are more your thing, Señor Fiesta, El Som and El Maguey are perfect picks for you. They like playing nonstop and climbing on things they probably shouldn’t be climbing on. (Boys will be boys, right?)

Taco Tuesday Tabbies-7
Senor Fiesta is always ready to party.

If you’re looking to express your love of tacos and queso in a more outwardly fashion, come meet these #TacoTuesdayTabbies and take home your forever amigo!

Adoption Angel Lock-In 2017

Day One Lock-In Participants!

Adoption Angel Lock-In 2017 was a huge success thanks to YOU! You helped HSNEGA raise over $47,000 for rescues!! 49 participants were #LockedUpForGood with rescues at HSNEGA until their “bail” was raised! All funds raised went to lowering adoption fees, purchasing enrichment items for the rescues and purchasing the food and care that each rescue needs to be healthy and happy!

“I understand a little better what the dogs have to endure being caged inside for long periods of time. I am an old man so most of my running and jumping days are in the past but even I felt how much my bail buddy, Rocky needs to be outside, running, playing and just getting more movement and activity that what can be had in the kennel. The other is more an appreciation of the staff and volunteers at the HSNEGA. In general, Rocky stayed by me, either to be petted, or play ball but when the folks from HSNEGA walked by his attentions (and affections) went to the staff or volunteer that was in the area. In my mind his actions speaks to just how well cared for he is by the folks there.” – Perry Daughtry

Another exciting announcement: HSNEGA was able to find a sound system for less than anticipated and with the extra funds YOU raised over the $45K, we purchased it for the pups. The system is now installed in large dog room to provide enrichment to the rescues!! Click here to see how it helped our pups in just a FEW HOURS because of people like you! We encourage you to come visit the rescues and see for yourself!

“I had a great day locked-up at the humane society. Freya + Kol deserve a loving home. It’s an extraordinary experience to be stuck in a kennel and feel what these dogs feel. To watch people walk by and overlook you. To watch dogs go past your kennel and not be able to play with them. To want someone to just show you a little love. To want to sleep, but it’s so loud and you’re so scared that you can’t. To be on a cold floor instead of a warm bed. To not know what true love is… It’s something everyone should experience. . .Maybe then you will save a life…” – Britanny Beacham of Beachin’ Biscuits
Day Two Lock-In Participants!

See what some of our participants had to say about their experience with the Lock-In in the video below!

If you’re looking for your forever friend, there are many other rescues, DOGS AND CATS, with lowered adoption fees still looking for their forever homes! Stop by HSNEGA Tues-Sat 10 am-5 pm and Sun 12-5 pm AND/OR visit HSNEGA.org/adopt to find your next forever furry friend!

*Adoption policies still apply to all animals with Adoption Angels*

Again, HSNEGA cannot THANK YOU enough for all that you’ve done for the rescues!! It could not be done without YOU!!

Miss Ellie

Hi, I’m Ellie! They say I’m 4 years old, but I don’t think I look a day over 2. I’m a Shepherd mix, so if you need a herding dog, I’m your girl. Although I’m more of a laid-back kind of girl, so I’m not sure how much herding would actually get done. On second thought, I’ll just watch while someone else does all the work.

I think I’m pretty cute, wouldn’t you agree? 

I love to spend my days at HSNEGA outside, soaking up the sun with a human next to me. As nice as HSNEGA is, I’d prefer to be in a home on a couch, snoozing the day away with the occasional feeding and cuddle time.

I like to party just as much as the next gal! [#Throwback to my ‘Bachelorescue’ days!]
I love all humans, especially older ones who are looking for a calm companion to spend time with. I also love little humans who will sneak me treats and give me lots of kisses. I don’t get too thrilled about other dogs, I’d rather be the main lady in your life. I’m picky when making furry friends, but maybe with time I’ll learn to tolerate them. (Just because I know I’m the prettiest and don’t want any competition).

Here I am last Halloween, dressed as a Bavarian beer girl with my referee daughter. Rest assured, I don’t drink beer – goes straight to the hips.

My daughter used to be at HSNEGA with me, but she found her forever home. I’m so happy for her! Now she has humans that will love her just as much as I do. I haven’t found the right fit yet when it comes to a family for me, but I’m sure I will soon. Do you think you could love me and give me the best life ever? I’d love to meet you.


The name’s Homer. I could be named after the intelligent Greek author, or the less-than-bright dad from The Simpson’s. I assume the former, but I do like donuts. (Or any treat, for that matter).

I may or may not have a piece of my treat stuck to my whisker. Don’t judge, I’m just saving it for later.

I’m only two years old, but I think I’m pretty mature for my age. I’m more or less like your grandpa. I enjoy naps and food, not necessarily in that order. Leave me with a comfy bed, some cartoons, and a stash of treats, and I’ll be set.

Word on the street is that black cats are unlucky, but I’d say I’m far from unlucky. I’ll bring you all the luck in the world with my fuzzy, black fur, along with some sandpaper-kisses and rubs against your legs. Or arms. Or hands. Or really any body part I can get near. I promise not to bother you, only to ask for cuddles and some of those delicious tuna treats every now and then. (Or like, 8 times every hour. Nothing crazy).

Love. Cuddles. Treats.

Long story short – I’m just a sweet cat who wants some love. Can you give me that?