The name’s Homer. I could be named after the intelligent Greek author, or the less-than-bright dad from The Simpson’s. I assume the former, but I do like donuts. (Or any treat, for that matter).

I may or may not have a piece of my treat stuck to my whisker. Don’t judge, I’m just saving it for later.

I’m only two years old, but I think I’m pretty mature for my age. I’m more or less like your grandpa. I enjoy naps and food, not necessarily in that order. Leave me with a comfy bed, some cartoons, and a stash of treats, and I’ll be set.

Word on the street is that black cats are unlucky, but I’d say I’m far from unlucky. I’ll bring you all the luck in the world with my fuzzy, black fur, along with some sandpaper-kisses and rubs against your legs. Or arms. Or hands. Or really any body part I can get near. I promise not to bother you, only to ask for cuddles and some of those delicious tuna treats every now and then. (Or like, 8 times every hour. Nothing crazy).

Love. Cuddles. Treats.

Long story short – I’m just a sweet cat who wants some love. Can you give me that?


Goofy??!?  Who’s Goofy?!? Sure, my head is knobby, and perhaps my tongue is a bit too long. And yes, my eyes are two wildly different colors, but I promise I’m an easy going guy!

You like walks? I like walks, too! Couch potato? I make an excellent potato. Whatever you’re eating, I’ll take two and never complain. Promise! 

Children are pretty cool and I get along with other dogs. Cats are… acceptable. I don’t find them the least bit interesting, though I think the feeling is mutual. 

My peeps at HSNEGA often let me hang out in their offices and they all say I am the *BEST* boy! I never make a mess! The only thing that’s definitely non-negotiable is that you *MUST* be open to kisses. I just *LOVE* to give kisses!

I hope I’m coming across as the “good guy,” but then, well, you know what they say about “good guys.” We always finish last. Maybe that’s why I’m still here? I certainly couldn’t win any races, unless it was to see who could finish a cheeseburger first, but I digress.

Yes, I’ll do flips when you come to meet me. I can’t contain my excitement at the possibility of finding a fur-ever home! Just ask around about me! I’m really a chill dog!

Contributed by S. Jolly, HSNEGA Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator


If you’ve ever seen Homeward Bound you know all dogs named Shadow are The Best Dogs.

This heterochromial boy is no different!

FST_0503 copy
Just look at those different colored eyes!

Shadow is a 3-year-old Terrier/American Staffordshire mix, meaning he’s an extrovert with a great big heart. He’s all about those belly scratches and is not above shaking (with both paws!) to claim them. He’s an excellent soccer player and enjoys kids over the age of about 6 (so they can play with him).

FST_0500 copy

He’s one of those boys that really needs to do his business outside, so don’t fear your home’s carpets. He could really use a fence so he can take himself on some walks when you’re busy.

Bottom line: Shadow is searching high and low for someone who will love him as extravagantly as he is prepared to love them. Maybe you’re That One!

FST_0496 copy

Contributed by A. Bruinsma, HSNEGA Social Media Volunteer

Mama Bean

You read that right. This Mama Bear’s name is Bean. If you are looking for some deep nurturing in your life, look no further. This is the girl for you.

DSC_8335 copy

This sweet 2-year-old was dropped at a high kill shelter in South Georgia with her three pups, but when a few other orphaned puppies were dumped there, she quickly adopted them as her own, caring for and feeding them. Even through mistreatment, malnourishment, abandonment, heartworms (now successfully treated), and a new grain allergy, she has gracefully kept her loving nature. She has a smile for everyone, and takes time out of her long days to snuggle, kiss, and warm the heart of anyone who comes near her.


Her current favorite activities include allowing everyone to admire her, eating yummy snacks, and playing with friends. While she enjoys running and playing, her fondest activity is lounging around. If you find yourself needing someone to share your troubles with, she is an excellent listener (to commands, as well). She is a people pleaser to the core and as such is easily trainable.

DSC_8314 copy

So if you’re looking for a rare treasure, a snuggler with a heart of gold, and a best friend, you could certainly find her in our Beanie Weenie. She’s certainly looking for you.


Contributed by A. Bruinsma, HSNEGA Social Media Volunteer

Sweet Peter

Ol’ Peter is a gent, that’s for sure. A wise old boy at 4 years old, this Chihuahua mix takes his time getting to know you. Once he feels comfortable, however, all bets are off! He takes pride in staking claim over the comfiest lap around and is the perfect companion for someone who wants a snuggle buddy.

DSC_8058 copy

He loves listening to a good book or taking a short walk, but he’s a real sucker for squeak toys and tasty treats. If you’ve a mind to, he’ll become your own personal little guard dog. Just make sure the kids who live with him are 10+ years old, and that any secondary pets are about his size (teeny!).

DSC_8062 copy
I’m always lookin’ up

Sweet Pete is only hangs with the best, you know!

DSC_8042 copy
stare deep into my eyes…
Contributed by A. Bruinsma, HSNEGA Social Media Volunteer

Prince Allen

Looking for the perfect gentleman to escort you to all the balls in the land?

FST_2377 copy

Meet Allen. Beloved by all his handlers, this prince will greet you every morning with an enthusiastic bork, tail a’waggin’ and smile a’blazin’. He loves his daily walks but is sure to wait patiently for his leash and walks gently by your side. Unless there’s a squirrel. He’s not about to let those pesky squirrels run ragged! He’ll chase one down if it threatens his date; Cinderella is not about to be upstaged by a dang rodent.

This gentleman is no pipsqueak, too, and wears his size proudly. He’s a 2-year-old Mastiff/American Bulldog mix and has the manly voice to prove it. He’s mostly housetrained, though, and will almost certainly escort himself to the loo when needed. He is also a devoted Prince, and expects to be the only ruler in your kingdom- so no usurpers, please! (Unless, of course, they’re of the human variety and older than 10.)


Allen is the perfect blend of stately and goofy, and is looking for his forever family to continue working with him on manners, commands, and tricks while falling in love with the way he helps you run your kingdom.

Come and see if this Prince’s shoe fits you!

FST_2365 copy


Contributed by A. Bruinsma, HSNEGA Social Media Volunteer

Groovin’ Ruben

This is Ruben.

DSC_7773 copy
happy doggo

In any other life, this doggo would’ve been a Drill Sergeant, for sure! Energetic, athletic, and playful, he’s looking for an athlete to keep pace with for the rest of his days. Ruben follows commands well, and is the perfect running companion who’s sure to never turn down a chance to go the distance with a buddy. His favorite post-workout activities include Netflix, treats, and lounging around the house.

He’s a goofy boy that will give you the biggest smile, cover you in sloppy kisses, and snuggle you hard. Ruben’s one of the sweetest dog you’ll meet. Well, except when around other dogs. He just has zero chill around other dogs. He’s an attention hog and needs to be adopted by a one-pet person or family.

As a 3 1/2 year old bully/terrier mix, he’s certain to be the most fun addition to you, your older kids, and your fenced-in yard (who knew a pupper could be an expert climber?!), and will be sure to give you all the love you need while keeping you on those toes. Drop and give him ten reps now!

DSC_7753 copy
counting cadence in nose licks
Contributed by A. Bruinsma, HSNEGA Social Media Volunteer