Sweet Peter

Ol’ Peter is a gent, that’s for sure. A wise old boy at 4 years old, this Chihuahua mix takes his time getting to know you. Once he feels comfortable, however, all bets are off! He takes pride in staking claim over the comfiest lap around and is the perfect companion for someone who wants a snuggle buddy.

DSC_8058 copy

He loves listening to a good book or taking a short walk, but he’s a real sucker for squeak toys and tasty treats. If you’ve a mind to, he’ll become your own personal little guard dog. Just make sure the kids who live with him are 10+ years old, and that any secondary pets are about his size (teeny!).

DSC_8062 copy
I’m always lookin’ up

Sweet Pete is only hangs with the best, you know!

DSC_8042 copy
stare deep into my eyes…
Contributed by A. Bruinsma, HSNEGA Social Media Volunteer

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