Mew-sic for Cats and Dogs


Whether it be rock, rap, alternative, country, pop, or something else, we all have our favorite type of music. As humans, we enjoy a wide variety of music genres and different bands. But what about our pets? While we might think that Fido or Fluffy’s reluctance to bolt out of the room once we turn our radio on means that they also share our musical preferences, it’s actually probably just a sign that they’ve developed a tolerance for our weird human screeching.

In fact, studies show that our feline and canine companions do actually have a taste all of their own for auditory stimulation. These studies are the basis for both “Music for Cats” and “Through a Dog’s Ear.”


Music for Cats, created by David Teie, was born from “efforts to bring real, scientifically credible music to as many members of the animal kingdom as possible.” While humans form an understanding of rhythm from their mother’s pulse while in the womb, cats and dogs develop their own from their surroundings after birth. Their experiences are defined by sounds that they would hear out in nature like birds chirping or their mother’s meows or barks. The arrangements of music that Music for Cats offers caters to those noises. But it’s not just one person that’s nailed the niche on music for our pets.


Like Music for Cats, many other groups have hopped on the bandwagon to deliver tasteful tunes to all animals alike! Through a Dog’s Ear, and its counterpart Through a Cat’s Ear, are two more examples of the auditory outreach to our furry friends. The music is produced by several composers including concert pianist Lisa Spector, sound researcher Joshua Leeds, and the Apollo Chamber Ensemble. While it might sound like simple classical music to us, the music has proven time and time again to be effective and produces a multitude of health benefits to its animal audience.

But what’s the point? Are the benefits to my pets great enough to sit around playing easy listening all day? In short, the answer is ‘yes’!

According to Through a Dog’s Ear’s Website, the effectiveness of their music stands at a staggering 80% success rate. The usefulness doesn’t stop at just in-home use, either; many vets and trainers also utilize the music of both Through a Dog’s/Cat’s Ear and Music for Cats to reduce the stress of pets that suffer from anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues.

Both of these wonderful aforementioned organizations also offer their product free of charge to shelters to give the dogs and cats that reside there an enrichment feature that makes their stays before finding their forever homes all the better!

At the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia, enrichment is a very important concern of ours. In fact, we have just recently updated our cat room with cat portals to allow our felines to enjoy the comfort of being able to have separate bed and bathroom areas. As most cats don’t like using the bathroom  where they nap.


So the next time that you turn that dial to your favorite radio station or flip on your iPod, maybe instead consider switching to a song selection that both you and your feline or canine companion can both enjoy!


Information for this post was compiled from the following sites:

Music for Cats Website

Music for Cats informational video

Through A Dog’s Ear Website

Adoptable animals at HSNEGA

Written by Kelly Kucera, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Intern

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