“Be an Angel” Day – Help an Animal in Need


           You’ve had a bad day. Your 9-5 office job was particularly insufferable and you had way too much on your plate to even think about what you’re going to eat for dinner. So, as a last resort, you pull through a fast food restaurant drive-thru. However, as you pull around to the window to pay, the cashier leans out with a bright smile and informs you that your meal has already been paid for in full by the person in front of you.

           You’re so ecstatic that the kind gesture nearly brings you to tears. How could that stranger have known what you really needed was a kind act to turn your terrible day into a good one? Feeling uplifted by your experience, you decide to return the favor by paying for the order of the person behind you. Before long, the drive-thru has become a regular chain of positivity. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Actually, you can just as easily make this dream a reality, but for the homeless animals awaiting their family at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA)!

          August 22 is “Be an Angel” day, and random acts of kindness are what the uncommonly known holiday is all about. Founded in 1993 by Jayne Howard Feldman, Be an Angel day has always been a day about putting others first and yourself on the back-burner. Even if you’re not familiar with Be an Angel day, you might have heard the phrase ‘“Pay it Forward.” Not only is it a good motto to live by but it’s an adage HSNEGA relies upon. Because HSNEGA is a non-profit organization, the generosity of others in support of our mission brightens our day like nothing else!

         We even have a sponsorship program for the rescued animals in our care called Adoption Angel! By becoming an Adoption Angel, donors can reach out a helping hand to one of our adoptable dogs or cats by paying a portion of their listed adoption fee. Paying to lower adoption fees can prove to be the perfect motivator that someone needs to come and take a furry friend home today!

adoption angel animals taco

         With the Adoption Angel Lock-In closing in upon us on this Friday, August 26, Be An Angel day provides the perfect opportunity for animal-lovers in the community“Pay it Forward” and help out an animal in need. So, if you were looking for a sign from above, then here it is! When you choose to make a contribution to either the Adoption Angel program or Lock-In, you can be assured you just made an animal’s life change for the better. Thank you for being an angel!

lock-in IG post

-To donate to our Adoption Angel Lock-In click here.
-For more information about the Adoption Angel Program click here.

Written by Kelly Kucera, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Intern

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