When Trey Met Chancey

trey 2

Less than a year ago, Trey Wilson came to the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) looking for a life-long companion after the passing of his mother. Growing up, Trey, who uses a wheelchair, had been around dogs, but never really considered having his own pet from fear that the dog might pull him around or cause too much stress.

But last year, Trey’s perspective changed after hanging around his friend’s dog, who was extremely sweet and calm. Trey decided to reconsider, and reached out to Julie Edwards, HSNEGA Executive Director, in hopes to find the paw-fect friend. That’s where the sweetest of friendships started… When Trey met Chancey.


In September 2015, the lives of two individuals changed forever. Trey gave Chancey a second chance at a happy life while Chancey gave Trey the independence he needed. “I was afraid of leaving my street before I adopted Chancey. Now I am no longer afraid and am able to go more places than ever before,” said Trey when asked the biggest impact Chancey has made in his life. These two were truly destined to be together.

“I always tell people ‘the dog finds you’ and, in Trey’s case, that was so true,” says Julie. “When he visited the Humane Society, Chancey was not on our list of dogs for him to consider. She was very timid and we thought he needed a dog who was less reserved. But as Trey toured the adoption room, Chancey caught his eye and he insisted on meeting her. We were hesitant, but then astounded at how quickly Chancey responded to Trey, as well. They saw something in each other that we could not see. It was truly love at first sight!”


Fast forward to today and Trey has trained Chancey to be his official service dog. The two take morning walks together around the Gainesville Square, eat together at local restaurants, shop together and do everything that best friends do. Trey has also taught Chancey a myriad of cool tricks to assist him with his day-to-day life including picking up his shoes, putting clothes into the washing machine, and has just started agility training with her.

“Most people would never consider a shelter dog as having the potential to be a trained service dog, but Chancey is a perfect example of how even a ‘mutt’ can possess the smarts and skill to provide assistance,” says Julie.

trey wilson

This love story is surely a match made in heaven. A man who needed a friend. A little brown dog who needed a home. And a happily ever after ending.

Come stop by our Adoption Center, located at 845 West Ridge Road in Gainesville,  Tue-Sat 10-5 and Sun 12-5 to find your very own Chancey!

Written by Caroline White, Marketing Communications Intern


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