A Guide For Youth Who Love Animals


You may know a child who has animal obsession syndrome. They spend more time hanging out with their pets than they do with human friends. You may have even caught your own child acting as an animal paparazzi! Thankfully the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) has a solution for you!  Here you will find numerous ways to keep up with their animal obsession while helping animals find their forever homes at the same time.

  • Volunteer: The easiest way to satisfy a child’s time around animals is to sign them up to be a volunteer at their local humane society or animal shelter.  Volunteering is free and most shelters are flexible when it comes to your availability.  Shelters rely heavily on volunteers to take out animals for walks and socialize them.  Who wouldn’t want to spend their free time playing with puppies and kittens all day anyway?  If you would like to sign your child up to be a volunteer at HSNEGA, you can do so here: Volunteer Page
  •  Summer Camps:  Once the kids are out of school for the summer, they can easily get  bored sitting around the house. HSNEGA offers a summer camp for kids ages 7-9 and  10-12 during June and July.  This camp consists of teaching safe animal interaction, special visitors, arts and crafts, and of course playtime with our animals! If you are interested in this summer’s camp, you can find more information and register here: Pet P.A.L.S Summer Camp 2016


  • Fundraise:  Instead of hosting a lemonade stand, kids can host a fundraiser for their local shelter. Many shelters rely on donations to help cover the costs of animals in their care. If your child is interesting in donating, here is HSNEGA’s donation page: Donation Page
  • Education Programs:  HSNEGA offers programs to teach children humane education. One of our year-round programs is Reading & Rescues. During this program, kids read to our adoptable animals to help reduce their stress and socialize them!  During the school year, we offer another program called Pet PALS Kids Club.  Just like our Pet PALS Summer Camp, kids will participate in fun filled activities and crafts centered around animals.  If you would like to set up a time for your children or students to participate in one of our educational programs, please contact our Community Relations Director Samantha Threadgill at sthreadgill@hsnega.org.
  • Supply Drive: Animal shelters are always in need of various supplies. It can range from cleaning supplies such as bleach and dish detergent to dog and cat food. Your child can contact their local shelter or check the shelter’s Website for a wish list of needed items.  To help out HSNEGA, you can find our Wish List here:  HSNEGA Wish List


Written by Leah Hodges, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Intern



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