Canine Water Safety


Summer is a popular time for swimming, whether it’s at a pool, lake, or beach.  Here at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) we want to keep you and your pooch safe when you go out for a paddle.

You’ve probably heard that canines are natural-born swimmers, but that isn’t always the case.  Before letting your dog jump into the pool or the waves, make sure they know how to swim.  Here’s some guidance from Pet MD:

STEP 1: To begin, choose a shallow and quiet spot in the water at a pool, and make sure to always keep your dog on a leash while they are learning.

STEP 2: Get into the pool but, let your dog start at the edge

STEP 3: When your dog gets into the pool, and begins to paddle with their front legs, lift their hind legs to show them how to float.  Never force your dog into the water… keep the swim lesson as positive and stress-free as possible.


If your dog is already a confident swimmer, it’s time to take them to the beach or pool!  Always put your four-legged friend in a life vest, even if they are an Olympic swimmer.  When you are at the beach, stay alert for strong currents and rip tides that could take you both out to sea.  Also remember to bring fresh water for your dog to drink. here may be plenty of ocean water to go around, but drinking it could make your dog sick.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in the comfort of your own backyard, we have several safety tips for you and your dog. Make sure the pool area is fenced in to keep your dog out when it isn’t time to swim.  Another way to prevent your dog from a potential fatal accident is placing a sturdy cover over the pool that allows rainwater drain through while it’s not in use.  When it is time to go for a swim with your dog, give them a way to easily get in and out of the pool, such as a ramp or small steps.

Summer water fun with your pet can be pawesome, but always put safety first!

Written by Leah Hodges, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Intern

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