According to the American Humane Association, thousands of baby kittens will enter shelters across the country during the warm summer months. The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) is dedicated to increasing the number of adoptions of felines during these busy months by participating in ADOPT-A-CAT Month, starting June 6.


During the month of June, HSNEGA will be offering specials for ALL feline adoptions including a free carrier and Friskies toy and weekly giveaways plus a drawing for a chance to have your adoption fee refunded to you at the end of the month. HSNEGA wants to make sure that all these fabulous felines find their furever home!


Before you adopt your little fur baby make sure you are prepared, below are 10 things you should know before adopting a cat:

  • When searching, consider two furry companions. Cats need interaction and socialization and having two cats means they can provide each other with entertainment when you aren’t around. Even better, HSNEGA offers special “buddy” pricing when you adopt two felines at the same time!
  • Look for a cat who has a similar personality to yours. It’s very important you pick a cat that goes along with your lifestyle. For example, if you are a very active person, consider getting a more energetic cat who can keep up with you.
  • Choose a veterinarian before you adopt. Everyone wants a healthy pet and scheduling an appointment with a vet a couple of days after adoption helps establish a (hopefully!) long, happy relationship.
  • Make it a family event. Bringing a new pet into the house can be a big adjustment and should be mentioned to all individuals living in the house beforehand. Bring all members of your family to the shelter and have them interact with the animal before adopting.
  • Budget accordingly. Just like any other pet, a cat is a lifetime commitment that comes with a cost. Make sure you are preparing for future costs of the animal and not just the first time fees.
  • Be prepared with cat supplies before arrival. In order to make your cat feel right at home, you will need to have all your cat supplies in the home before the cat arrives. Basic items include a comfy bed, a litter box and litter, food for the cat’s age, and a few toys.
  • Create a cat safe environment. Be aware of potential hazards in your home such as mini-blind cords and houseplants, and take steps to minimize risks for your new pets.
  • Ease into making new friends. Take it slow when it comes to showing your new family member off to your friends. Although we can’t wait to “parade them around town,” we have to consider our pet’s feelings in the process. During the first couple of weeks share your excitement on social media!
  • Safety first. Remember  your new pet is now a part of your family and therefore you should include them in your emergency plans. Add a note by the phone that lists numbers of your veterinarian and a 24-hour animal hospital.
  • Gift givers beware. Although it is such a sweet gesture to give an animal as a gift to a loved one it is important to make sure that the recipient is in agreement. A pet is not a gift that can just be returned or exchanged and should be weighed with lots of thought.

Ready to adopt the purr-fect feline companion? Then come out and visit the HSNEGA Adoption Center Tues-Sat 10-5 and Sun 12-5.

Written by Caroline White, Marketing Communications Intern




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