Kitten Season has Sprung!


Spring has sprung and so has the abundance of kittens.  During the months of warmer weather, the feline population typically experiences a large increase.  Here are some common misconceptions about “kitten season” HSNEGA’s medical director/veterinarian, Dr. Feroli, wants you to know.

Fact or Fiction: Having a litter of kittens has health benefits for a female cat.

Fiction! In fact, there is no scientific proof having a litter of kittens has any health benefits for a female cat.  However, spaying a cat before its first heat cycle, usually at 4-5 months of age, greatly reduces the likelihood of a female cat developing mammary cancer later in life.

Fact or Fiction:  A female cat cannot become pregnant while nursing kittens.

Fiction! Female cats can go back into heat and become pregnant again within 1-2 weeks after giving birth.  Additionally, the gestation period (length of pregnancy) for a female cat is 56-71 days which means a cat can give birth to two litters in just under four months!

Fact or Fiction: Female cats can have multiple litters in one year.

Fact!  Female cats have the ability to produce up to two to three litters in one year.  These litters on average have four kittens, but cats can have up to eight or nine kittens per pregnancy.Our Design Process (1)

Fact or Fiction: A male cat does not need to be neutered because he cannot get pregnant.

Fact, but a male cat can impregnate several females within the same time period. Therefore, it is still important to have your male cat neutered.

If you have a cat and need to have them “fixed,” call HSNEGA today! We currently are offering the following feline surgery special for male and female cats:

big feline fix flyer

Appointments are required for all spay/neuter surgeries and can be made through HSNEGA’s low-cost, high-quality Spay/Neuter Center. Appointments can be made Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm at 770-532-6617.  Please visit HSNEGA Spay/Neuter Services for more information.

Written by Leah Hodges, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Intern



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