Tanner Time!

We all know those people… the ones that you can’t help but love with all of your heart. The one who has captured each of our hearts here at HSNEGA is just over  2 years old, has golden blonde hair, a always happy, wagging tail, and goes by the name “Tanner.”

Tanner (20)Tanner got his start at HSNEGA when he was just a pup and has quickly wiggled his way into our hearts with his playful personality and charming, confident looks.

He’s great with other dogs, but Tanner’s social skills with humans are a bit on the overly playful side. However, we know that with the right training and an active family he will make a PAWesome pet!

We took the time to schedule an interview with this delightful dude to get some insight into all things Tanner!

Tanner, what kind of family are you looking for?

My ideal hoomans would be active, playful, and patient. I know sometimes I get too eager, but I really just want to play. I have a lot of energy, so anybuddy that wants to play with me will be my furever friend! I’d love to have someone to run with or that likes to play fetch just as much as I do!

Tanner (27)What are a couple of your favorite things to do?

Well, besides running and playing, I recently discovered the wonder of car rides. There is nothing quite like sitting in the passenger seat of a car with my head out the window, ears flopping in the wind, chomping at the air, with not a care in the world! I will gladly be anybuddy’s shotgun rider if they will have me!

Tanner (8)What do you think are your best qualities?

I’m purrty sure that I’m the fastest runner at the Humane Society, PAWsibly even in the world. Aside from that, I’ve got a great smile, and a sweet personality to match! At times I can be a bit rambunctious at play time, but with a bit of training I’m PAWsitive that I can be the best friend ever!

What do you think about the folks at the Humane Society?12799130_10205894874559630_6443662845410908167_n

Oh, I wuff them! They are like my family, but, of course, I’d rather have a true forever family of my own. Miss Cara and Miss Marilyn… I think they call them volunteers… are my favorites.

They take me out for special time and they have been helping me learn good manners so  I can be adopted. They tell me I am really a smart boy… and I agree! hehe

Tanner (12)

Interested in adopting Tanner? Stop by our Adoption Center, which is open Mon-Sat 10-5 and Sun 12-5 for a meet-and-greet with this loving, playful boy! Best of all, Tanner’s adoption fees have been paid in FULL by an awesome Adoption Angel, making him FREE to adopt!

Written by Nikki Means, Digital Communications Intern 




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