Adoption Angels: Lowering the Fee, Boosting the Love

So many things are happening this week: Daylight Savings, Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring… but do you know what else is happening? We’ve recently had some more kind souls step in to sponsor an animal through our Adoption Angel program!


Adoption Angels help to cover part or all of the adoption fee for animals in our care. This sponsorship, in turn, helps offset costs for potential adopters and hopefully increases the animals’ chances of being adopted! It’s a win/win for everyone! We currently have several longer-tenured residents at HSNEGA waiting for their one true love, and they also happen to be sponsored in full by an Adoption Angel.
Lettie (11)First up, meet Lettie, our resident Chief Happiness Officer or CHO. Lettie is a 1-year-old Maine Coon mix that has been in residence with us since September of 2015. She definitely disproves those that say cats have no personality… Lettie is not just a “boring” cat! Her hobbies include exploring her kingdom in the coveted Adoption Center library, giving love and affection to our pawsome volunteers, and relaxing while reflecting on her day’s work. Lettie can sometimes give some “catitude,” simply because she likes to do things in her way, but we think she’d be happy with an experienced cat owner that will appreciate her confident personality.


Next, we have Quincy, a 3.5-year-old American Bulldog mix. Though he’s a little bit older than some of our residents, he’s unquestionably full of life! Quincy first came to HSNEGA in October 2015, but started his term with us in foster care for heartworm treatment. He completed his treatment in full health and returned to our Adoption Center in January. Since then, he’s been dreaming of his very own person to go for runs and play ball with! Quincy has a passion for life that is infectious, and his medium size makes him the perfect candidate for being a versatile life-companion.
jada1Our newest resident to be sponsored in-full is Jada, a lovely, brindled Retriever mix who is 4 months old. Jada arrived at HSNEGA in January at 8 weeks old, and has been slowly learning the ropes of socialization by hanging out behind the Adoption Center counter. In the time she’s been here, her personality has truly blossomed! She’s still a bit shy at first, but Jada is becoming increasingly curious about exploring and finding out just what us human companions can offer her. We are confident that all Jada needs is someone to make her feel safe and loved, and her personality will absolutely shine in no time. After all, who can resist that precious face? She has definitely stolen all of our hearts!

Along with Lettie, Quincy, and Jada, we also have several other animals that have been sponsored both partially and in full by our Adoption Angels. They can be found at our Website on the Adoptable Pets page, or you can call our Adoption Center at  770-532-6617. For more information on how you can become a life-saving Adoption Angel, check out our Adoption Angel page as well!
Written by Bridget Bott, HSNEGA Communications Intern


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