Seven Reasons Why Spay/Neuter Is Sure To Benefit You

This month at HSNEGA, we are hosting a spay/neuter special for our feline friends. Since “fixing your pets”  is a cause we are passionate about here, we thought you might like to know why it’s important to spay/neuter your pet!

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking right now, “Ugh, another post about why I should spay or neuter my animal… yes, yes, I know.” But, we didn’t come here to give you the same lengthy speech you’ve grown accustomed to hearing. Today, we’re here to present a more compelling argument as to why spay and neuter is a great thing, and why it directly benefits you as a pet owner. Without further adieu…

Seven Reasons Why Spay/Neuter Is Sure To Benefit You 


1. Keeps your back yard from becoming the newest community dog park.

Correct us if we’re wrong in thinking that it’s probably not every pet owner’s dream to watch the infamous dog scene from A Christmas Story to unfold before their eyes. When you spay your female animal, they are no longer able to go into heat cycles that advertise to potential mates. The scent of a female in heat can be picked up from long distances and followed by other dogs, resulting in possible unforeseen back yard parties. Likewise, neutering male animals makes them less likely to roam, keeping them happily at home with their own people.

2. Your precious kitty will be less likely to mistake the brand new carpet for their personal art canvas.12662574_996747323701806_4794720364695512270_n

Ah, yes. We’ve all seen it happen. Fresh smelling, scent-free territory there for the taking. Suddenly, your white carpet is no longer looking so white. According to the Humane Society of the United States, “the urge to spray is extremely strong in an intact cat,” and by spaying or neutering your feline companion, you’re greatly reducing that urge. Don’t worry, you can still probably help your cat channel his or her creative needs in other ways.

3. No more awkward dinner party moments (caused by your pet, at least).

While we can’t promise those foot-in-mouth moments won’t still happen at your social
gatherings, we can tell you it’s much less likely your pet will be the instigator. Heat periods in female animals can get a bit awkward due to increased hormones and the drive to mate. When you spay your female, those heat periods are prevented, meaning there are hopefully no more questions from your younger cousin as to why the dog is “jumping around” and rubbing against their leg so much.

4. More money in your pocket to spend on Fido’s favorite luxuries.

While you might think spay/neuter surgery is
expensive, unwanted medical treatments can cost even more. A male that has not been neutered is mTanner (19)ore susceptible to prostate and testicular cancers. Spaying your female greatly reduces their risk of uterine infections (which becomes serious quickly) and mammary (breast) cancer. Plus, with the emergence of more
low-cost spay & neuter options, surgery doesn’t have to be a financial burden! All this savings means more toys and treats for your companion in the long run.

5. Your pet will become the life of the party!

Even though we did say that spay and neuter keeps the neighborhood dogs away… at least uninvited!… socialization isn’t bad when it’s planned! Spay and neuter surgery helps to reduce aggression hormones in your animal and impact their behavior towards humans and other animals in a positive way. They are more likely to socialize happily in comfortable environments, and who doesn’t love going to a friend’s house and discovering that their pets just want to hang out with you?

6. Naturally curb your inner desire to become a crazy cat lady.

5e57e9201ccca3c66193deb490f3f7e6No, we can’t really help with that urge to adopt all the animals ever, because we feel it too. But, by spaying and neutering your animal, you’re helping with pet over- population by ensuring there are less accidental or unplanned pet pregnancies. That urge to have more cats might always be there, but at least you can rest easy knowing there are a greater amount of animals in fantastic homes.

7. Adds invaluable years to your best friend’s life.

A recent study found that in states with the highest spay/neuter rates, pets also lived the longest. In fact, neutered males tend to live 18% longer while spayed females tend to live 23% longer. We’re definitely still working on finding the solution to let our pets live forever, but in the mean time, at least we can give them a bit more time to create cherished memories with us.

As mentioned earlier in this post, many organizations offer reduced-cost, high- quality spay/neuter programs. Did you know that HSNEGA has one of these programs? To learn more, please visit the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia Website and see the flyer below regarding our current special.




Written by Bridget Bott, HSNEGA Digital Communication Intern


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