Mission Adoptable: Find Forever Family for Oso

Making the adoptable animals in our care feel as comfortable as possible is always top of mind for the team at HSNEGA. That’s why foster care has always been an option for animals having a hard time with kennel life. Which is how Oso, a 4.5-year-old Boxer/Basset Hound mix, found his way to The Agora House, a men’s residential treatment facility. For a little over a month, Oso has been living it up at one of the Agora homes where he has been treated like a king!

oso13Oso’s story with HSNEGA began we rescued him in late June 2015 from a regional animal control facility. Oso’s good looks and positive personality led him to his forever family 4 months later. However, Oso was returned to HSNEGA in November, just six weeks after he was adopted, because his new family had unexpected financial issues and could no longer afford to care for Oso.

Upon his return, the HSNEGA clinical team determined that Oso was malnourished and, unfortunately, his weight wasn’t the only thing that had gone down. That light in his eyes that Oso once had didn’t quite sparkle like it used to.

So, our team set out on a mission because we couldn’t bear to see Oso overlooked in his kennel because of his unwillingness to come greet potential adopters happily like he once had. He just wasn’t comfortable, and we knew we had to think of something quickly. That’s when Scott Hinchman, Program Director of The Agora House, stepped in. With Scott’s help, we relocated Oso to one of Agora’s residential homes in hopes that with some extra TLC Oso could regain some of his charm and confidence!oso12

Oso settled in with the Agora residents quickly; however, there was a slight “hiccup” back in January when Oso decided he needed to go check out the neighborhood… without his leash. But quick communication brought a “search team” together to help find the missing Oso and, luckily, he was found early the following morning (by a few WoofGang members in fact!), not far from the home. Scared (and hungry I’m sure!) Oso was returned to the guys and has improved a good deal so far during his stay with them!

We checked in with Oso last week and found he has regained some of that lost weight, warmed up to a few of the guys there, and also has learned a few new tricks. Scott happily reported that Oso can now “sit” on command and has almost mastered “come” and “stay”! 

Oso, meaning “teddy bear”, is certainly fitting for this sweet boy! (Oso getting some lovin’ from Scott)

A typical day at the house for Oso consists of waking up around 5-5:30 am to stretch his legs outside, have breakfast, and back outside again for a potty break. He then interacts with the residents as they prepare for their work day. While Oso is crated during the day (another plus… Oso is crate trained!) when the guys are at work, once they return home, he’s let out, enjoys long walks, and even has an occasional run. He enjoys his backyard time, as he feels most comfortable outside.


Oso has made new friends, as well, and when they’re around,  Nick, Harrison and Derrick are his new pack of BFFs. When he’s feeling brave, Oso also enjoys lounging on the couch with his friends and we’ve heard you can almost always find him sleeping with Derrick at night!

While it has been a slow start, Oso has undoubtedly made improvements in regaining his confidence  The thing about Oso is he is definitely a “people-person” type of dog and, when he finds someone he likes and trusts, he sticks with his person through thick and thin, making him the most loyal lad you can find!

So, if Oso tugs at your heartstrings and you want to be his person, contact our Adoption Center about setting up a meet-and-greet! You can contact us at 770-532-6617 or our Adoption Counselor at JennStillerman@HSNEGA.org.

P.S. Oso’s adoption fee has been partially sponsored by an Adoption Angel, making him only $50 to adopt!

Written by Nikki Means, Marketing Communications Intern


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