Extra Special Sunday: Meet Roscoe and Speck


Every now and then, we get some residents at HSNEGA that are considered to be “special needs” animals… that is they usually have some sort of physical disability. However, over the years, we’ve found that often “special needs” animals are indeed special, but in a different way- it’s as if the loss of something physical has allowed for more room in their hearts.

Two of these extra special residents just made their way to HSNEGA. Keep reading on to learn a bit more about Roscoe and Speck, and how you just might provide the perfect home for them!

Roscoe (8)Meet Roscoe, an 11-month-old Doberman Pinscher who we lovingly refer to as our “tripod.” Though he’s down one back leg, we’re not entirely convinced that he’s aware of it. He loves circles, particularly running around in the shape of one, and might have been a race horse in his past life.

Roscoe lost his leg after he was hit by a car as a puppy, but this handsome boy doesn’t let his physical challenges hold him down. He is amazingly adaptable, house trained, and keeps his area neat and tidy. He lives for treats, and is very eager to please when those tasty delicacies are at stake! Roscoe isn’t shy to show his loving side either, as he’s perfectly content to just be near you and be petted.

SpecK (7)Speck is an 11-month-old Russian Blue mix. She first came to HSNEGA in September 2015 with a misaligned jaw and only one good eye. Upon evaluation, our medical team determined that her jaw has no interference with her ability to eat, so it was left alone. They did, however, remove her bad eye.

Speck has since adapted with flying colors. She is curious, loving and playful. Despite her interesting appearance, her foster mom said she’s been a wonderful short-term resident and loves to sit on your lap to be petted. She even returns the favor with her kisses!

SpecK moved back into HSNEGA last week after completing all of her treatments and being spayed. She is ready to find a furever home with a person who loves her!

Although the term “physical disability” can sometimes sound scary, we can assure you there is nothing scary about these two animals. In fact, it is very common for animals to adapt quickly to losing a limb or an eye. When considering adopting Roscoe or any other tripod, it is good to consider having carpet or rugs as a non-slip surface to help with balance. Stairs are usually not a huge issue, but sometimes “grippy” non-slip pads help with navigating upward climbs.

If Speck has caught your eye (no pun intended!), then you’ll want to be sure her toys and food can be at ground level. Having a one-eyed cat is usually not too arduous, but you will need to account for a lack of depth perception which means it might be hard for Speck to judge distances and heights, which means she won’t go searching for hidden treats on top of surfaces too often.

Interested in meeting this special duo? Come see both Roscoe and SpecK in the HSNEGA Adoption Center Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.

Written by Bridget Bott, HSNEGA Digital Communications Intern



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