Chocolate vs. Paws

With Valentine’s Day comes delicate roses, sweet words, secret admirers, and the dreaded chocolate. Okay, so it’s not so dreaded. However, this Valentine’s Day why not treat yourself or a loved one with the gift of furry, cuddly love? Not only is adopting a canine or feline going to change their life, it will change yours too. By adopting a cat or dog this Valentine’s Day you are saving yourself from the terror that is… chocolate. Below are a few examples of how cats and dogs are better than chocolate.

Lulu 6

1. Chocolate Melts.  I’m pretty sure a dog or cat won’t melt in your pocket. However, we can’t guarantee that they won’t melt your heart.


2. Chocolate Adds Calories. Dogs & Cats Burn Calories. Although delicious, chocolate, like most tasty things, is high in calories. So, keep up with that New Year resolution and opt for a calorie burning Valentine’s gift such as a cat or a dog. Whether taking your dog for a walk or trying to keep up with your new kitten’s stubborn curiosity, adopt love and you’ll gain a one-of-a-kind friend AND a summer-worthy body.


3. Chocolate Can’t Cuddle. We all know what we really want for Valentine’s Day: Love. While chocolate can fill your mouth with ooey, gooey deliciousness, which will fill your heart with happiness; that taste doesn’t last forever. Adopting love will guarantee a cuddle buddy every single night. Who doesn’t love a face full of wet kisses to wake up to?

dog greeting

4. Chocolate Won’t Greet You At The Door After a long day of work, you can walk into your house and always know your furry companion is there waiting for you. A dog or cat can give you a constant, daily reminder of just how much he/she loves and appreciates you. Adopting a cat or dog is basically like having a secret admirer. Except it’s not-so-secret, and the surprises they leave you may not always be what you were hoping for. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this #SelfieSunday, HSNEGA is asking our friends who chose rescue instead of chocolate to post a selfie of you and your own beloved rescued companion with the hashtag #RescuedValentine on Facebook and/or Instagram. We will choose a contest winner who will receive this adorable piece of custom-artwork:


Written by Nikki Means, HSNEGA Marketing Communication Intern




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