Team Cat vs. Team Dog: An Animal Lover’s Super Bowl

Though this year’s Super Bowl Sunday is all about the Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos, we’ve got to be honest with you- two other teams have already completely stolen our hearts here at HSNEGA. No, we aren’t talking about our home team the Atlanta Falcons who happen to be just down the road, either. This year, we’re stepping things up. So, without further ado, we’d like to welcome you to the first ever 2016 HSNEGA Bowl!

We’ve got a really special match up here today. For years, both teams have shown a strong sense of compassion, responsibility and loyalty, and we know that they’ll represent their respective fan bases extremely well. Let’s give it up for the 2016 HSNEGA Bowl contenders: Team Cat and Team Dog!

Earlier this week, we met up with the coaches of both teams to get an inside look at what really goes on behind the scenes, and found that while both teams have their similarities, there are some key differences in their plays as well.

First up, we have Team Cat. In their list of popular plays, they are known for the “Catnip Sneak” and “Mouse Trap,” though they often draw from a large list of creative options. On the field, their affection for each other is evident. The team has a strong sense of unity and compatibility. Though there is a captain, they all still take lead roles, as they prefer to be open-minded about new ideas and respect their friends immensely. Although they often take the full length of their time outs to decide on a play, it’s rare that they are late to snap the ball. Off the field, they each value their alone time and see days off as a way to catch up on reading about how other teams are doing (as long as those pesky Team Dog people aren’t winning the league), or re-organize their living space. They tend to be very contemporary, after all.

On the other side, we have Team Dog. Their playbook is a bit more conservative and revolves around the ever elusive “Squeaker Toy Dive” and “Postman Blitz.” The on-field behavior for this team tends to be a bit more theatrical; they love their fans. This can sometimes result in lengthy periods of celebration after good accomplishments, though, which might make them a little late to the next play. At least they don’t need much time to decide on what to call! On days off, it’s not rare to catch them hanging out with teammates or other companions. They love their friends, even if some of them do root for Team Cat. They tend to make a lot of public appearances, but are also very conscientious about following the rules of wherever they are at. They definitely don’t want to incur any violations for their team, because loyalty to team values is their number one goal.

As we gear up for kick off, we were also able to get down to the field for exclusive interviews with each team’s quarterback. Here’s what they had to say:

Millie sizes up the

Millie: “While we’re very grateful to be playing in this year’s bowl, we can’t say it was unexpected for Team Cat. Our team has a great record, and we’ve been consistent for a very long time! Each member of our team is extremely hard-working and dedicated, and it totally shows. My teammates and I deserve every second out there on the field. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been training for today- we definitely have a few new maneuvers up our sleeves.”

Little Red heads for a touchdown during practice earlier this week.

Little Red Riding Hood: “I’m so pumped for this game today!! The energy is great, the fans are great, the atmosphere is GREAT! Team Dog is going to be whole-heartedly represented out there, I can promise you that. We love this team unconditionally. Without giving too much away, I will tell you that we’ve got a good mix of some new tricks paired with the old favorites. While we’re ready for anything that may get thrown at us, we know Team Cat will give us a run for our money. It’s going to be a very interesting game.”

So, which side are you on? Here at HSNEGA, we can’t help but pull for both sides. Both of our teams are just so important! Shh… don’t tell anyone, but we might actually have our bets on a tie-game.

As noted above, both Tanner and Pumpkin (as well as some of their other teammates!) are sponsored by an Adoption Angel and have a $50 adoption fee. Bet on them to win the game and your heart!

Written by Bridget Bott, HSNEGA Digital Communication Intern


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