Train Your Children, er – Dogs


dog training 2

From learning where to potty to understanding what “no” means your child, whether a year old or four years old, will require some steady training in his/her life. I’m of course talking about your furry canine children.

Upon adopting your dog, you are now fully responsible for their every move. Just like toddlers, puppies are incapable of understanding why they can’t chew on every…single…cord that crosses their paths. Okay, maybe that’s just a puppy thing.

Training your dog is not only designed to help him/her understand where the bathroom is, but it is also a vital component in you and your dog’s relationship. If your dog doesn’t understand who the boss is, then he or she will run all over you.

So, below are a few things to keep in mind when training your dog:

  1. Be Consistent

As we all know, puppies tend to get distracted and not always remember things that you told them say… 5 seconds prior. Dogs also do not speak English. It’s important to use the same commands for the same actions. For example, saying “no” when they chew on your shoe rather than saying a different phrase each time they attempt to will just confuse them.

dog training 1

2. Don’t Forget to Give Your Dog Praise

Training your dog is a learning experience for both you and your dog. Believe it or not, they want to please you and make you proud. Often people may forget to give their puppy the praise he or she deserves for doing something RIGHT. Give your dog a little ear rub for knowing to sit at the door to “go potty”. They need positive recognition as well.

3. Consider Limiting Their Access

Giving your puppy too much freedom in your home may end in a disaster. Allowing him/her access to every room in the household gives your puppy more ground to DESTROY. Until your puppy learns that the bathroom is outside, in the grass, I would suggest closing off parts of the house that he/she can hide “presents” for you.

4. Be Smart

Don’t give a command that your dog won’t be able to understand. This will just frustrate you and confuse him/her. Start with simple commands before delving into the more complex tricks.

If you are interested in training your furry companion bring your puppy or dog to HSNEGA for Behavioral Training Classes, hosted by Sit Happens every Thursday and Friday.


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