The New Year Brings a New Beginnings for You and Pooch


Like many, you might have set a New Year’s resolution. Maybe your resolution is to be active, to lose weight, or to love more. Maybe you didn’t set any resolutions at all. Maybe you feel it is just another day, another year, and it’s all the same. But what if I told you January was Walk Your Dog Month?

You might be thinking, “I don’t care about some arbitrary themed month!” or “So what if it’s Walk Your Dog Month?? There is an Ice Cream Day and a Candy Cane Day for goodness sake!”.

Sure, you can blow it off. Or you can get in shape (or better shape for those of you that are fit… unlike me) while building upon your already existing bond with your doggie. If you’re not in it for yourself, do it for your furry family member.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons to tackle that leash head on and pound the pavement with your pup.

Jen Walking Devina

The first reason for picking up the leash and clipping it to Sparky’s collar is exercise helps release Sparky’s energy. Sparky builds up energy all day and it can result in separation anxiety which can, in turn, result in negative behaviors like eating your blinds. When you take Sparky for walks, it provides an outlet to release that energy and direct it away from anxious habits.

The second reason for taking your pup for walks is because it’s a great way to train your dog. While on walks, you’ll have the opportunity to assert yourself as “pack leader” and build constructive behaviors into your dog’s natural tendencies.

Third, going outdoors with your canine companion gives both you and Sparky physical and mental stimulation. Of course it’s a physical activity… you’re walking… but it provides mental stimulation through sensory stimulation. You and Sparky hear the crunch of the leaves under your feet, you both see the sunlight and the people about, and you both feel the cool breeze as your body heat increases with the light jog you and Sparky spontaneously burst into when turning the corner onto your street. Each of these sensory stimuli ignite the mind and improve memory.

Break the mindset that themed months, days and even New Year brings with them. Join in on the fun and improve both of your lives when you hit the pavement during Walk Your Dog Month!

Dog Walking

NOTE: Don’t have a dog to walk? Then why not join the WoogGang (our dog walking volunteer group) at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia and come give rescued pups waiting adoption some out of kennel and human socialization time! Learn more about becoming a volunteer HERE (


Written by Cody Stubben, Director of Development & Digital Communications


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