The Animal Insider: Meet Spencer

The Adoption Insider will be a recurring post on LIFE SAVER TAILS featuring an awesome adoptable animal at HSNEGA. Today’s featured guest is Spencer, a 5-month-old Retriever/Boxer mix currently available for adoption at HSNEGA.


Hello, Spencer! How are you today?

Hi, hi, hi! I am doing great! Can I sit in your lap? Can you give me a belly rub?

You are very excited today! We can play right after you tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

Okay I can definitely do that! Well, my name is Spencer. Don’t let my name fool you though… I am a girl! I am a Retriever/Boxer mix and I am 5-months-old. And don’t let my age confuse you either because I am a smart tart!

That’s a good thing to know. What do you do for fun?

Well, everyone calls me a lap sitter. I love snuggling up to someone and having my belly rubbed. That would be my all-time favorite thing in the world! Sometimes I will even flip on my back and just let people pet me all day.

I would definitely agree that you are a lap sitter. Do you enjoy hanging out with other dogs?

Oh yes! Actually, I am in a kennel next to my sister right now. When we get some extra play time during the day, my sister and I love to play tag together. Sometimes there will be a ball around, and I like to race my sister to the ball.

You sound very fun to play with! What kind of furever family are you looking for?

I am looking for a family that loves to cuddle and play. I have a lot of energy, but I am a puppy. What can you expect? But I also love to snuggle and just being loved on. I like to feel safe and warm. And the best place to feel that is in the lap of a dog lover.

We are confident that a puppy like you will find a furever home very soon, Spencer! Now we can have play time!

Yay! Race you outside!

Does Spencer sound like the perfect addition to your home? Then come in for a meet & greet at the HSNEGA Adoption Center Mon-Sat 10-5, Thurs 10-7 and Sat 12-5.

Written by Amanda Hawkins, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Intern


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