Giving Tuesday: Thank You for Showing Your Heart

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is incredibly grateful to those that supported the homeless animals we care for during Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving. Your support will go toward helping animals like Fiona who was discovered tied to a tree starving while kids threw rocks at her.

When she arrived at the Humane Society in July, staff quickly realized that she was in need of heartworm treatment. Her poor heart and frail frame were a sad sight.

Fortunately, with dedicated staff and volunteers, Fiona made a full recovery. Once healed, Fiona was placed in adoptions where she was spotted by her future family the very first day. She now lives in a loving home with enough land to run and play to her heart’s content.

Fiona is just one of the countless animals the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia has helped find loving, forever homes. 1,300 plus animals a year are adopted from the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia, and the challenges they face are not uncommon from that of Fiona’s.

The outpouring of support for animals like Fiona has been tremendous. We appreciate all those that gave during Giving Tuesday and we thank you for helping provide medications, surgeries and shelter to the most vulnerable population in the region.

You showed us your big hearts this Giving Tuesday, and for that, we thank you from the bottom of ours.

Giving Tuesday Logo


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