The Adoption Insider: Meet Mama Cat!

Some of the best animals just need a little extra special love and attention. This week’s Adoption Insider features Mama Cat, a 1-year-old grey Tabby, who has had quite a few bumps on her journey to finding her furever home.


Mama Cat was brought to HSNEGA in July by a local fire department. They found her wandering around their building, and although they really liked her, they were afraid she would suffer a terrible fate by a huge, red truck one night. So, they brought her to where she could be spayed and find someone to love her furever.

mama cat1

During her stay at HSNEGA, Mama Cat started to show symptoms of an ear infection. Our medical director, Doctor Feroli, started treatment. Sadly, before Mama Cat’s treatment for her ear infection was finished, her ear drum ruptured. She was in quite a bit of pain and loud noises were not helping.

mama cat 2

HSNEGA staff moved her to her own quiet room and played some soft music to help calm her down. Now, Mama Cat has healed and is ready to find her forever family, but our team suggests she goes to a quiet home without younger children or loud dogs. In addition, Mama Cat is currently on a grain free diet because she has a sensitive stomach.

mama cat 4
Mama Cat is one special cat who just needs someone who will love and care for her sensitive ways. If you or someone you know thinks Mama Cat is purr-fect just the way she is, then visit her in our Adoption Center Mon-Sat 10-5, Thurs 10-7, and Sun 1-5.

Written by J. Martin, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Specialist


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