Why You Should Adopt… from HSNEGA!

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Lots of people seem to have a negative connotation about adopting a shelter pet, especially when there seems to be an abundance of “free” animals out there; however, you get what you “pay” for because “free” animals are not always healthy, and not all shelters are the same.

Even if you never change your mind about adopting from other shelters, we want to give you some pawesome reasons to change your mind about adopting from HSNEGA, starting with HSNEGA isn’t a shelter. It’s an Adoption Center where you can find your new furry best friend!



  • HSNEGA is a selective admission Adoption Center, meaning we intake adoptable animals based on their health and temperament. Dogs must test negative for heartworms and cats must test negative for both feline leukemia and feline HIV (though we also rescue and treat animals with medical issues before they are adopted!). Lastly, the animal must have an adoptable temperament, so when you adopt from us, you will know we’ve done everything possible to ensure your pet is healthy and loveable.
  • HSNEGA does NOT euthanize animals due to space or duration of stay. Now comes the “it saves a life” speech because when you adopt, you actually save TWO lives! Adoption frees kennel space, meaning another animal has a chance to be rescued. We also rescue animals from area animal control facilities and other animal welfare groups and accept owner surrendered animals. By adopting an animal, you have given newly rescued animals a safe place until they can find their furever home.

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  • HSNEGA is passionately devoted to the animals in our care, and our Animal Care and Adoption Team want to make sure each animal finds their PURR-FECT match and goes to a loving home. We are not going to pair you with animal if we don’t think it is a good match. Our Adoption Counselors ask all adopters what they are looking for in a pet and we can tell you whether an animal doesn’t like other animals, is good with children, or is choosy about their companions. One way we achieve this is by asking customers to bring in their dogs and family members to see if the family is a good “fit”with an adoptable animal. It’s better to find out in our Adoption Center than once you get home.
  • ALL of our adoptable pets in the Adoption Center are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and microchipped. Our adoption fees are quite a value when you consider that if you took in a “free” pet and took it to a veterinarian, you would pay $400-500+ for the same services that we provide. You’re not paying for a pet; you’re paying for a healthy family member that is already fully vetted so you don’t have to pay extra medical costs. Even better, when you adopt an animal that’s already spayed/neutered, you help the animal population decrease which means less animals destroyed each year simply because there are not enough homes


If you want the best reason to adopt it’s not because of HSNEGA, it’s the animals. Some of these animals have absolutely heartbreaking stories, but give love like they have never seen a day of pain in their lives. If you’re looking to fill the empty hole in your heart, then they are ready to fill it. So, the next time you think HSNEGA is just another shelter, think again, and come meet your new furry family member at our Adoption Center open Mon-Sat 10-5 and Sun 1-5.

Written by J. Martin, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Specialist



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