The Adoption Insider: Meet Prissy!

The Adoption Insider will be a recurring post on LIFE SAVER TAILS featuring an awesome adoptable animal at HSNEGA. Today’s featured guest is Prissy, a 1-year-old grey Tabby currently available for adoption.


Hello, Prissy! How are you today?

I’m much better now that I’m the CHO (Chief Happiness Officer). That means I get the big room up front ALL to myself. I was pretty stressed out in my kennel, but as CHO sometimes they let me out of the kennel and I can walk around, play, and nap wherever I want. It’s great!

Wow, that’s impressive! Well, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, my name is Prissy and I’m a 1-year-old grey Tabby. I suppose I can be a bit of a Miss Priss sometimes, but most of the time I promise I’m really sweet. I just have a bit of a cattitude because I like to play. I can also be a little bit silly at times, but I love affection and I’ll give lots of rubs and love to my future family!


You’ll find your family in no time! Speaking of family, do you like other pets or children?

I really prefer to be in a family where I’m the only child because I haven’t been around other children or pets. I can be feisty at times and I don’t want to cause trouble. I would be open to a meet and greet just to be safe.


What is your favorite activity?

I like to sunbathe in the window and lounge around.

What type of furever home are you looking for?

I’m looking for a family who will be okay with me being independent. I’m pretty content just laying around and taking care of myself. I just want someone to love me and someone to love back.


We hope you find your furever home soon!

Me too! Once I get adopted then someone else can be the CHO and have a chance at keeping these humans in line!

Think Prissy sounds like the purr-fect CHO for your home? Then come to the HSNEGA Adoption Center Mon-Sat 10-5 and Sun 1-5. Be sure to watch Prissy being her silly self in the video below!

Written by J. Martin, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Specialist


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