DIY Pet Projects

The inevitable truth is dogs love to play and cats like to scratch. Dog toys can become expensive if Fido easily destroys them and furniture is even more expensive to replace when Kitty scratches it up.

Whether you’re looking for some inexpensive projects for your four-legged friends, or your creative juices are overflowing, here are some simple dog and cat projects that you can make yourself to keep your pets entertained..


  1. Cat Scratching Post

All you need for this project is some twine, scissors, and a table leg. Wrap the twine all the way around the leg and tie it into place. Be sure to cut off any excess strips unless you want Kitty to unravel the whole thing. Now you have a nice place for Kitty to scratch that isn’t your nice leather couch.

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2. Recycled Cardboard Box Scratcher

This project will take a little bit more labor, but your cat is sure to love it! Start by cutting equal width strips out of cardboard boxes, making sure the ridges in the cardboard are horizontal. Start rolling the cardboard up, and roll one strip up really tight and tape it closed for the center of the scratcher. Add a new piece of cardboard and tape it with two pieces of tape. Be sure to keep one side completely flat as that will be the top side. It doesn’t matter if the bottom side is uneven because you won’t be able to see it. Once you are done, you can add scrap paper to the side to make it pretty or just leave it cardboard. You also can trace the scratcher onto paper or fabric and glue on a bottom to catch catnip if you wish to use it.

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3. Cat Pom-Pom Toys

For this project you will need some string and scissors. Wrap the string around your hand about 50 times, pull it off your hand, and then tie some string in the middle creating a two looped sides. Next, take some scissors and cut open the loops on each side and trim the pom-pom until you get the desired length. For a smaller pom-pom you can use a fork instead of your hand.

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  1. Muffin Tin Dog Game

If you have some tennis balls, dog treats, and a muffin tin then you have everything you need for this game! Put a few of the treats in the muffin tin and cover all the holes with a tennis ball. Your dog will have to use their senses and figure out how to knock the ball out if they want their dog treat.

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2. Dog Rope Toy

If you love to recycle, then this is a DIY for you! Get a few t-shirts you never use anymore and cut out three to four vertical strips that are one to two inches wide. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. Take all the strips and tie a big knot at one end leaving about an inch of the strands about the knot. Braid the strips all the way down and tie off another knot. Lastly, you can choose to tie knots into the strands on each end.

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3. Toilet Paper Roll with Dog Treats

This DIY is one that yours truly, HSNEGA, uses and it will probably be the easiest and cheapest one you will ever make. Take that empty toilet paper roll you were about to throw away and fold in one side all the way around. Pop in some of your pooch’s favorite treats and then fold in the other side as well. Toilet paper rolls won’t harm your dog, but be sure to keep an eye on them and throw away the scraps when they are finished.

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For more cool toys and projects you can make for your furry friend, visit our Pinterest page at and see our board Kid Projects/DIY! You also can find out the latest news on “HSNEGA Happenings”, discover a great recipe… or two… for pet treats on “Pet Yum-Yum”, have a good laugh scrolling through “Furry Funnies”, and check out “Four-Legged Love” to make your heart melt!

Written by J. Martin, HSNEGA Marketing Communications Specialist


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