The Other Side of HSNEGA!

Hi! Jennifer, intern extraordinaire here! I’ve worked at HSNEGA over the summer, and now my time here is coming to an end. I feel like working at HSNEGA has made me realize that customer relations is probably the most difficult side of a company. Customers are 1 side of a 6 sided die, and they don’t always understand what goes on behind the scenes, or the reasons behind certain rules. That’s why I feel like I should use my last blog post to share some things with the public about “the other side on the HSNEGA dice.”


The Humane Society is a happy place, but there are some moments where it is heartbreaking. I never thought I would become attached to an animal while working here, but I fell in love with Geoffrey, a 2-year-old ginger Tabby. He is the perfect cat because he would let you pick him up and hold him without a fuss. One day I was holding Geoffrey when a couple walked in and adopted a kitten. In that moment my heart broke into a million little pieces. Geoffrey was a great cat, but no one wanted him because he was an older cat. If you’re looking to adopt an animal, please consider older animals too. Someone will ALWAYS want a kitten or a puppy, but older animals have a harder time getting adopted.

Since then, Geoffrey has been adopted, but he was here for a while and that brings me to my next point: Some of these animals have been here a long time. Jinx, a 2-year-old grey Tabby has been waiting for his second chance at happiness since April. He is a very playful cat with a strong personality and a mind of his own, but he still wants attention. He needs an owner with an equal personality who will be willing to give him love he needs. Then there’s Tootie, a 1-year old Anatolian Shepherd mix has been in the Adoption Center since March. He just gets so excited and needs someone who will let him calm down before they decide to count him out… and I’m happy to say that someone came along this week and decided to give him that chance!

                 Jinx shows his playful side! 🙂

I know customers aren’t going to come in and ask which animal has been here the longest, but it is still heartbreaking because these animals haven’t done anything wrong and I can’t really give advice on how to help them be adopted faster. I just want people to know until you work/volunteer here, you really never understand how much work, love, and prayer goes into taking care of these animals and finding them a home.

Those issues are more animal related , but now I’d like to focus on the public related issues. Before you visit the adoption rooms, please read the signs. There are five of them, over a foot tall, in the adoption rooms (you can’t miss them!). We aren’t being mean when we ask you to not take the animals out or stick your fingers in the kennels. It’s for your safety and the safety of the animals because if an animal scratches, bites, or becomes sick from transferring germs from another animal, then that animal has to be put in quarantine for a period of time, which keeps them away from getting a new family.

            Adoption Center signs… please read!

Speaking of getting sick, please use the hand sanitizer after every. single. animal. Especially puppies and kittens. If you went to the doctor’s office, you would want your doctor to wash their hands after every patient so you don’t get sick, and that’s how it is for these animals.

The last thing I really want to talk about is please be nice to the staff and volunteers. If you talk to someone on the phone, please don’t be rude because they really are trying to help. They are seriously not trying to antagonize you, I promise!

Just a final few tidbits:

  1. By law, HSNEGA cannot take stray animals.
  2. All our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.
  3. Spayed = girl. Neutered = male. (I didn’t know that when I started here).
  4. When you bring your pet in for vaccines, rabies shots are required by law.
  5. Pregnant animals cannot be vaccinated.
                           Me with the bunnies at Fox5

This experience has really been a great! I love animals and I love marketing so being able to do both has been amazing, but I can’t stay forever. With my time coming to an end, the good news is someone else can take over the reins! If you know someone who would be interested, you should definitely let them know because who doesn’t want to be able to play with animals while they work? Anyone interested in an internship can contact Julie Edwards, Executive Director, at

Written by J. Martin, HSNEGA Communications Intern


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