Let’s Talk Food… Dog Food That Is!

The top three debates in life:

  1. The toilet paper goes over/under.
  2. Why the chicken crossed the road.
  3. The best dog food brand.

Okay, so those probably aren’t really the top three debates in life, but as much as humans love their pets, the one thing we seem to fall short on is their food. Our society has become very conscious about the food we eat, but we don’t put so much thought into what our pooches are eating. Just like how we don’t want to eat a lot of preservatives or items we can’t even pronounce, the same goes for dogs because those things are not good for them either.


The one thing that seems certain: We all have a dog food brand we swear by, even if it is simply because “Fido loves it!” But this post is a reminder that Fido is a dog, and just because he loves it doesn’t mean it is good for him, just like junk food isn’t for humans. (Curse you, chocolate!) For instance, did you know that dog are sensitive to food dye? Dogs are colorblind, so they can’t tell that their dog food is green, orange, and red. That’s the company’s way of attracting YOU to buy their dog food.

If you don’t have time to research dog food brands, or just have no idea where to start, then don’t worry because Review.com did the work for you already. They looked at 2,223 dog food brands and narrowed it down to just 134 formulas and 29 brands. They removed any products that didn’t have meat as the first ingredient and any products with corn, wheat, and other “fillers” were out. You can view who all made their list at the bottom of this page: http://www.reviews.com/dog-food/ They give guidelines for what to look for in your dog’s food, as shown on this chart:


Is your dog food not on the list? Then check out http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ for a review up to 5 stars. Their reviews also show protein, fat, and carb percentages along with showing ingredients that are controversial in red.

But the best news about this review is that Hi-Tek Rations is on the list. And guess who happens to be a proud sponsor of Hi-Tek Rations? HSNEGA! We stand by this brand so much that we even feed it to the animals in our Adoption Center and we send a 5 pound bag with every adopted dog! We sell 30 pound bags of the Chicken and Lamb Naturals line in our Adoption Center. Interested in learning more?? Then visit the Hi-Tek Website by clicking HERE and then stop by and pick up a bag Mon-Sat 10-5 and Sun 1-5.

unnamed (6)

Information for this post provided by Dr. Jaime Feroli, DVM, Medical Director for the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia.

Written by J. Martin, HSNEGA Communications Intern


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