The Adoption Insider: Meet Victor!

The Adoption Insider will be a recurring post on LIFE SAVER TAILS featuring an awesome adoptable animal at HSNEGA. Today’s featured guest is Victor, a 5-year-old Shepherd mix currently available for adoption.

photo courtesy of Kathy Wolfe Images,

Well, hello cutie! How are you today?

I’m good! I understand it’s Furry Friday. I don’t know what a Friday is but as long as there are treats involved, I love it!

We love Fridays too! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I’m 5-years-old and I’m Shepherd mix. I’d say I’m looker! *wink* I’m a big boy, but not too big. I’d say I’m just about the right size!


We were told you have a story. Would you like to share?

I was adopted from HSNEGA when I was 10-weeks-old. Everything was going great until someone found me as a stray in March of this year. I have a microchip and the people that found me tried to contact my previous family, but they couldn’t reach them and they never came looking for me. Then they called the nice people at HSNEGA because they knew I came from there, and they rescued me.The nice HSNEGA people gave me tests and found I had heartworms. The picture above is where they had to shave my back to give me my medicine.


My treatment was going okay but then I got really sick. Dr. Pennington… she’s with me on the left in the picture above… took care of me when I was so sick. Miss Alena… she’s in the picture on the right… was a wonderful foster mom and looked after me through it all. It was rough, but I’m all better now! Thank you, Dr. Pennington and Miss Alena!

What’s your favorite activity?

I really like playing with toys! I can be entertained with toys for a while.

Do you like other pets and children?

I would prefer to be in a house with medium to large dogs so I can have a playmate my size. I’m not sure about other small, furry creature though. They can get on my nerves. I really like children too! But remember I’m a big boy and I might be too overwhelming for little children and babies.


What type of furever home are you looking for?

I would like a family who will really love me and take care of me. I don’t want to be a stray again. I would love a family with kids or other dogs to play with.

We hope you find a furever home just for you Victor!

Thank you! I hope I do too! I’m adorable!

photo courtesy of Kathy Wolfe Images,

Does Victor sound like a “love match?” Then come for a meet & greet in the HSNEGA Adoption Center, open Mon-Sat 10-5 and Sun 1-5.

Written by J. Martin, HSNEGA Communications Intern


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