Enjoy the DOG DAYS of Summer at HSNEGA Day Camp!

unnamed (8) What’s the best part about summertime? School is out! What’s the second best part about summertime? HSNEGA’s Pet P.A.L.S. Summer Camp! HSNEGA helps kids learn about humane education and how to interact with animals along with playing games, and, of course, playing with animals. Most of the campers said playing with the animals is their favorite part about camp. Mia and JeffMia says her favorite part of camp was playing with the puppies while Tatum says her favorite part is animals, in general; however, Jeff said his favorite part about was learning to communicate with animals, which is a very important part of camp. unnamed (14)One game the campers play to learn about communicating with animals is called “The Clicker Game,” a version of the game “Hot or Cold” but with animal clickers. When the campers are close to where they’re supposed to be, everyone starts clicking their clicker, kind of like you would with training your dog. The campers then have to figure out what it is they are supposed to do in that area, whether it is turning off the lights, picking up a crayon, or jumping over a piece of string, but if they start to walk away or do something that is not the desired task, then everyone stops clicking. The cool thing about animal clickers is that dogs aren’t just the only animals that can learn from them. Rats can learn too!Mouse eating cheeseThroughout the week of camp, guest speakers come and talk to the campers to give them a better understanding of animals. Hall County Animal Services staff visits and teach the campers about not being cruel to animals while No ”R”Birds Sanctuary teachers the campers about taking care of exotic birds. The Gainesville Police Department also brings in their K-9 units and talk about how animals can be used to fight crime. DSC_1058For the month of July, HSNEGA is offering 25% OFF summer camp registrations if you register with a buddy, so let your child spend the dog days of summer staying cool with their friends at HSNEGA for our remaining summer camp weeks! Would you like to learn more about our summer camp programs? Contact Kelley at KelleyUber@HSNEGA.org or call 770-532-6617.

Written by J. Martin, HSNEGA Communications Intern


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