The Adoption Insider: Meet Luda!

Luda 6

The Adoption Insider will be a recurring post on LIFE SAVER TAILS featuring an awesome adoptable animal at HSNEGA. Today’s featured guest is Luda, 1-year-old Mastiff/Siberian Husky mix.

Hello, Luda! How are you today?

I’m pretty good! Today I got to hang out in the office with Jenn, the Adoption Counselor! I tried to sniff out her lunch, but she was onto me. I just wanted to smell it. I promise I wouldn’t have eaten it! Okay, maybe a little bite. She had to leave for a few minutes so I stayed in the office with another girl. Then I tried to eat a toy gopher.


So tell us a little about Luda, like what breed are you?

I’m a 1-year-old Mastiff/Siberian Husky mix. I’m a big boy with a big heart. And I love to play! And I really, really, really like belly rubs!

Luda 1

What type of furever family are you looking for?

I would want a family who could give me attention. I need lots of love! I also want a family who would take me on walks or has a big yard where I could run around. I also would love someone who would want to snuggle with me on the couch.

Luda 3

Do you get along with kids/other pets?

I would prefer to be in a house without children or with older children. I came from a house with kids, but being a big boy, sometimes I can be too much for the little ones. I’m okay with some dogs, but not others. Yeah, I’m a little picky about my companions.

What is your favorite activity?                                                       

Smiling! Smiling’s my favorite! And giving kisses. I’ve been told I have quite the licker. I say all the better to give kisses with!

Luda 2

What is your favorite treat?

Honestly, I’ve never met a treat I didn’t like. Well, maybe broccoli. That’s just wrong.

What is your favorite toy?

I really like balls and rubber toys! There also is this cool stuffed duck the nice photo people let me play with last weekend.

Luda 4

What do you think about?

Chew toys! I just want something I can chew on! Jenn has a big rubber ball that I loved to chew on and play with. It’s the best! I also spend time thinking about how we can attain world peace.

Who is your favorite volunteer?

I like all the volunteers, but Jenn’s my favorite. And Whitney. They both have given lots of special time out of my kennel. And, well, I am sorta a ladies’ man.

Luda 5

Does Luda sound like a “love match?” Then come for a meet & greet in the HSNEGA Adoption Center, open Mon-Sat 10-5 and Sun 1-5. Please note: HSNEGA will be closed Saturday, July 4 for the Independence Day holiday.

Written by J. Martin, HSNEGA Communications Intern


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