Meow Monday: Bobby


“Hi, feline-loving friends! Bobby here. I’m a silver Tabby with a silver tongue to match. I love charming the ladies with a husky purr and a little ‘biscut-making’ kneading. You don’t get to be 6-years-old and not learn a few tricks about how to be charming.

The nice people at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia rescued me from a regional high-kill facility. Rescues don’t often pull kitties since there seems to be plenty of us, especially this time of year, but they took a chance on me. Maybe it was my ‘come-hither’ stare that roped them in. Is it working for you?? If yes, come for a meet & greet in the HSNEGA Adoption Center and let’s see if we could make the purr-fect pair!”

Bobby and all his feline friends are available for adoption at HSNEGA Mon-Sat 10-5 and Sun 1-5. To learn more about HSNEGA, visit


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